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Rental Renovation Program

Kirby Street RehabilitationFrontier Housing Corporation's Rental Renovation Program provides financial assistance to help with needed improvements enabling landlords to combine their own funds with funding sources and to provide repairs to their rental units in the Village of Brownville, New York.

This program is not an ongoing program. Frontier Housing applies for these funds when there is a need for them.

Financial Assistance is provided to landlords enabling them to make needed improvements to their rental units. The landlords are required to match the grant funds with their own money.

The Purpose of the Rental Housing Rehabilitation Program is to improve the exsisting housing stock by promoting needed repairs and rehabilitation. The primary objective is to eliminate any conditions that might become hazardous to the health or safety of the tenants. Insulation and weatherization will also be encouraged.

In March 2009, the North County HOME Consortium awarded Frontier Housing Corporation $240,000 for the rental renovation on the Memorial Apartment complex.

Eligibility Requirements:

Assistance will be available to help pay the cost of eligible improvements in rental apartments with tenants who qualify as lower income (household income below 60% of median.) Applications must be completed by the property owner. Proof of ownership will be required in the form of a deed or land contract that is recorded in the office of the County Clerk.

Applicants must secure adequate insurance for the property before any work is done under this program. In addition, all real estate taxes and public service charges (water & sewer) must be paid up to date on all participating properties.

Priority for Assistance:

Preference will be given to those cases where special needs are demonstrated, including:

  • Tenants with income at the public assistance level (below 30% of median) will be given preference over lower income households (income between 30% - 60% of median).

  • Tenants with fixed income (retirement, disability, social security, etc.) will be given preference over those with income from sources that could increase in the future.

  • Preference may be given to properties with emergency repairs to eliminate problems that are an immediate threat to the structural integrity of the building or the health and safety of the occupants.

  • Preference may be given to properties with series code violations if there is a threat to the integrity of the structure or the safety of the occupants. All code violations must be addressed.

Program Criteria include:
  • The applicant must own the rental property

  • The rental property must be located within Frontier's service area

  • The work must bring the apartment building up to meet housing quality standards

  • The owner will be required to repay at least 50% of the cost of improvements

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